Quit Your Day Job - Oooo this sounds very intriguing!

I'm currently listing new items over in my Etsy shop but got side tracked by this article that Etsy have just uploaded by the very talented team of Thief & Bandit....
In July 2012, Amie Cunningham packed up her family and her thriving screenprinted clothing companies, Thief&Bandit andThief&Bandit Kids, and moved from Virginia to Canada. The idea of starting over in a new city was daunting, but for Amie, who was expecting her second child, the perks of Canadian citizenship and the close proximity to her parents beckoned. The move marked another exciting shift for her business: Her husband, Johnston Foster, joined Thief&Bandit as a full-time screenprinter, and the duo built a print shop in a garage next to their new home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Then, they set to work finding new local supply sources and hiring a new photographer and seamstress.
I  especially like the ethos that this duo have, they hand print all there fabrics (organic jersey) using non toxic water based inks in there own home workshop hiring (and supporting) a local seamstress to make the clothing.  They fully support the 'Handmade' ethos which I greatly admire.

Oooo, right I'm off to have a proper browse of the lovely website of  Thief and Bandit.  Enjoy

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