Sticking to 2015 Resolutions

As previously mentioned in earlier posts, I haven't specifically written a list of 2015 resolutions as I have so many ideas in my head that my list would be endless.  Instead I want to be more creative and make time to do something enjoyable each day.  The facebook group that I've joined 'Sketch a Day', is really helping me to do this.  Simply taking away the need to think of a topic takes such pressure off and has really pushed me to cover topics that I would normally steer well clear of.   

Portraits, Hats, Bugs, A Quote, A View, Shoes; are all subjects covered in the last week, I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them and have even got some fabric designs that I would like to develop from these topics.  Sticking to this I feel will really assist me in feeling productive.  It's not always about creating picture perfect images.  

 Hannah Redden Bugs in Watercolour
Day 7 - Bugs
Hannah Redden Self Portrait in Watercolour
Day 13 - Self Portrait 
(I set this this days task!! Really don't know why I picked such a difficult one?!)
Hannah Redden - Cat in a Hat in Watercolour
Day 14 - Hats (This is our Cat Pebbles)
Hannah Redden Freya's first pair of wellies in Watercolour
Day 8 - Shoes
 Hannah Redden Freya's Breakfast in Watercolour
Day 9 - Breakfast
Hannah Redden Garden View in Watercolour 2
Hannah Redden Garden View in Watercolour 2
Above two images are from Day 10 - Window View - This is the view from our living room.
 Hannah Redden influenced by 'Night Wind' Emily Bronte in Watercolour
Day 12 - Quotes
 Hannah Redden Jellyfish in Watercolour
Day 11 - Fish

I've often spent so much time in the past contemplating before putting pen or paintbrush to paper. However I've come to realise that your first idea is rarely your best, but it doesn't matter.  Capturing any idea is beneficial.  This is the beginning. Draw it!  It only takes a few minutes, and it gets the idea out of your head onto paper.  Now draw some more!  You won’t know whether your first idea is the best until you explore others.  It's surprising how quickly you will develop and improve your ability to quickly sketch, paint and express your ideas.

Sketching is fast, rough, and dirty.  Learn to embrace your pen and paper, and you’ll be thrilled at your speed of ideas and progression.  You’ll wonder why you ever fought it. By giving yourself the freedom to put down on paper your quick ideas, you’ll get to creative places you could never have imagined.

Happy sketching

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