Cheltenham Christmas Market

Well after finding this draft from January in September!! You can probably guess that things have been a bit manic this year :)  We ended up moving into our home in March so only a month delayed.  We have now settled in and have unpacked, apart from my studio which still remains Dan's tool room!  This will soon have to change ;)

January 2014: 

I've settled back into a more productive (artwise anyway) way.  I set myself the New Year resolution of doing a drawing a day, and although I haven't quite achieved this I have started doing more drawings and quick sketches.  I feel motivated and ready to take the next step.  MORE design work.  I have been collecting all my ideas this month on Pinterest ... you can check out my boards, from HomeDesign Inspiration, Baby Makes, to Small Spaces (we have a very narrow house).  We've set the date to move into our new home on the 28th of February so we have a month to make final arrangements.  We had a painting party for our birthdays where our very VERY generous friends painted the whole house for us!! I was very surprised, firstly I didn't think anyone would actually turn up.  I mean really, doesn't sound like much fun for most people (although I actually LOVE painting,) does it?  I left early as little Freya was getting tired, however we returned the next day and I was amazed.  Really, we owe all our friends big time for the work they did for us.....

I managed to keep up the drawing throughout the year and have built up a portfolio of design work ready to be turned into fabric designs.  I have also recently found my sewing machine again (I missed her!), so I do feel like I am getting my feet firmly on the ground again (16months after having my little one!!).  I had planned to return to work part time (Facilities Manager in a hospital), but this wasn't to be.  I have now come to terms with being a full time mother but am also rather excited about the possibilities which this allows me. 

I have just agreed to take part in an Etsy Christmas fair in Cheltenham which I am rather excited about.  This feels like the next step in my journey to being my own boss.  More details to follow soon.



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