Christmas at The Orangery 2014

Last weekend was my first event in quite some time - Christmas at The Orangery 2014, organised by Rachel Goodchild -  
The event was held in my home from 2001 until 2008 when, due to the volume of people attending, it was moved to a beautiful Orangery within the gardens of Goldney House and Gardens, Bristol. With this venue move the name was changed from 'Designer Sale' to 'Christmas at the Orangery.' The idea being an annual event where designers can exhibit their work for one day only. Giving customers something a little bit more unique than regular shops.
I absolutely loved taking part.  I'd forgotten what a rush it is to get ready for the big day and the anticipation the night before.  I actually had quite a wakeful night as little Freya was up all night.  I really wouldn't have made it though the day without the help from my Dad.  So a big thanks to my Dad. 

 The next step on my journey is to get my Etsy shop filled up with all my new products.  Announcements coming soon when this has been completed.  Enjoy the last few days of festive craziness.  Happy Holidays everyone.


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