The Redden Studio - Dumfries & Galloway

Although I am living down in Bristol most of my family live in Dumfires & Galloway in the South West of Scotland.  It is here that my creativity was first ignited, where a lot of my inspiration comes from.  Members of my family have recently been working very hard to open a gallery that exhibits talents from three generations. 

redden-gallery: the evening before . . .: "by the end of the day most everything has beenhung & priced & put in place last minute finishing touches & dashing about to be done with so..."
Read more about the Red Den Galery HEREI hope you enjoy reading about this new venture, and if you're ever in D&G pop in for a visit.


The Screen Printing Process . . .

A good supplier of screen printing equipment is 'Wicked Printing Stuff', they stock just about everything you can imagine that is required for screen printing, they also offer very good advice.  I thought I'd include a step by step guide for new printers on the process . .

  • Screens are made by putting a chemical emulsion on a mesh surface.

  • Vector artwork is taken from Adobe Illustrator or Freehand and printed out on a film type paper or vellum.

  • The screen is then exposed on a light table with the artwork under it.

  • The light solidifies the chemicals around the design, and where the light failed to pass through, the chemical breaks down.

  • The screen is then rinsed out and what is left is the area where the light hit.

  • When screen-printing, one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied.

  • Likewise a separate screen is required for each colour.
You can then have fun experimenting!  Enjoy.


I'm Coming Back . . . Whoo Hoo

I found out this week that I've not missed the deadline for the St Werburghs Arts Trail, this means that over the weekend period -

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September

Our home will be open to all whilst I exhibit my work. If you're free please come along and visit.

I'm quite excited as I haven't shown any work since, oooooo last June!

Myself and my partner Dan have been concentrating on bringing our little home back to life. It was a little run down. Now however, we have almost completed the kitchen and the bathroom and so can start inviting people over.

So, I have roughly two months to get the house in order and decide how to show my work!! Exciting!!

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