Welcome 2014!

Well, what a whirlwind 2013 was!  The early part of the year was spent celebrating my 30th, it took a while but I'm now used to having passed my twenty's!  Then it was straight into the preparation for the arrival of our little one, Freya, who was the highlight of the year.  Arriving late May she has turned our world upside down in an amazing way.  I spent my pregnancy reading up on how she was developing, how to prepare for birth, what to expect in the early/late stages of birth, I washed all the baby grows in hypoallergenic detergent, checked the hospital bag I don't know how many times.  We attended NCT classes, toured the hospital, and were provided with advice from family and colleagues to strangers in the supermarket.  However, nothing and no one can really prepare you for the arrival of your first born.  The sleepless nights, the whole breastfeeding saga,  the day four blues, postpartum recovery.  It all seems a little bit of a blur now.  Freya is now seven months and really thriving, it has taken this long for life to really settle back down.  I feel ready for 2014 and what it has to bring!  Roll on the bells ....

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