House Renovating

We've been in our home now for two years and a month.  It feels like a long time, we've done quite a lot, but still have a fair bit left to do.

We've now completed the kitchen, whooo hooo.  After a lot of deliberation we finally settled on colours.  It's quite difficult compromising, when I would love to go really girly and Dan loves black and white, we aimed for a retro feel instead (I thought I can girlifie it later with curtains, pictures and
soft furnishings, I 'll just slowly ease them in!  sssshhh!!).

We opted for Dulux Apple White - A classic, clean pale green which can make a room feel fresh and alive. We used this on most of the main walls, but stayed below the dido rail.  Above we kept fresh and clean with a pure white.

Then we used a dark Overtly Olive - A calm, muted green that has an air of sophistication about it.  On the chimney breast wall.  As you can just about see in the below right image.

The next project is to complete the bathroom, this was started about Easter last year.  
Since then we've been having a bath every morning, this started out as a luxury but soon wore of it. You get a bit fed up of getting up 20mins prior to bath time! 

Dan has been very good and made us a lovely swish bathroom. It feels such a luxury to use it now.  We have an awesome walk in shower that Dan designed and made for us.  If anyone wants a bespoke shower you know where to come! 

I have to give lots of praise to Dan as he has been  working so hard, I can't keep up with the pace he's going at.   Dan really encouraged me to apply to take part in the St Werburghs Arts Trail this year.  This has really spurred me on to start thinking creatively again.  It has also however given Dan a very tight deadline to work to.  Dan's aim is to complete the majority of the building work in the house prior to the Arts Trail which is at the end of September.  This involves getting the living room in a usable state, it has been our store room for the past two years, then also decorating the hallway and landing.  If anyone would like to lend a hand painting get in touch!!

The bathroom is almost there, we now have everything plumbed in and working.  It's quite long and thin so we opted for quite pale, light shades to make the space feel as big as we could.  However, we did splash out a bit and just added a feature wall of GOLD!  How bling!  I wasn't quite sure about it at first but I think it actually works really well.  It's not too over the top. 

As well as getting the bathroom to a more finished standard our spare bedroom needs to be completed Oooo I'd say in about 2 weeks tops!  We have family coming to stay so have a lot of work to do.  I'll upload more pics of this work soon.


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All eyes on Brooks

All eyes on Brooks, originally uploaded by Unity..
The Brooks Factory that is a local landmark near our house. Such a shame it closed. But a great photo. Love it. I'll smile each time I walk by it now.

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