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My Etsy Shop is finally live. . . . see the link to check it out. . .

I'm soooo excited. I haven't uploaded many items on to it yet but over the coming weeks it will grow. I have a few events coming up soon so am gearing myself up for them. Fingers crossed Etsy will work, its such a lovely idea and all the products on it seem to be of a realy high standard too.



Hannah Redden

Nic Blackwood

Nick Thompson


Bath Fringe

Dave Bain


Online Research

I'm off work ill this week (annoying west country climate effecting my sinuses again) so thought I would find some inspiration online for our house . . . . .
I really like the quite subdued walls and then the splash of colour . . .
So True . . .
YESTERDAY is a history..TOMORROW is a mystery..TODAY is a gift..that's why it's called PRESENT..
You never know what will happen one day to the next!


'In Bristol' Studio

My dyestuff, I love my gold pigment. I tend to use it quite a bit, even if its adding gold to other colours. I feel it adds richness to the print and depth to the colour.

In Bristol studio link:- http://www.inbristol.org/

New Art Trail for West Bristol (Clifton, Cliftonwood and Hotwells)

This will be my next event in Bristol; I took part in a smaller, similar event last year, which was hosted in the Hope Centre. www.westbristolarts.org.uk
It was a lovely event, with artists and crafts people showing there work on scaffolding! It was a very unique idea but it actually worked quite well. This year the artists involved are to come up with there own ways of hanging/displaying work . . . . . I think I may use an old rickety ladder we have lying around. I could paint it up and display work on all four sides?. . . .
Press Release:
October 18th - 19th 2008”
On October 18th 2008 the first ever West Bristol Art Trail opens, with a huge variety of artwork being shown in artists’ homes, studios and other venues throughout the beautiful West Bristol areas of Clifton and Hotwells. Over 100 artists have signed up to exhibit in this first year, with work including painting, prints, ceramics, textiles, childrens’ books, jewellery, and sculpture. Venues around Clifton, Hotwells, Cliftonwood and Spike Island include artists’ homes and studios, The Clifton Club, Hope Community Church, Christchurch, The Create Centre, The Bristol China Factory and Spike Island Print Studios.

The Hotwells and Cliftonwood Community Association have provided the initial co-ordination, resources and administrative support needed to facilitate the first year of the West Bristol Art Trail, but many of the exhibiting artists have since shared their skills and time to help make this trail a success. Some sponsorship has been generously provided by CHIS and the Hotwells Panto.

Bristol already hosts a number of Arts Trails and Open Sudios throughout the year, but it was felt that, with many artists living in the Clifton and Hotwells area, a new Trail was needed to bring together these artists with the local community. This Trail will give the public a chance to see the amazing variety and quality of work being produced by local artists, as well as to meet and speak with the artists themselves – to learn more about their media, methods of working, and possibly to commission new work. It is also a fantastic opportunity to buy original work that cannot be found on the high street. In addition, there will be a display of ‘Hair Art’ at Sui Generis, where visitors could themselves become a walking work of art, poetry readings, performance art and films.

For further information about participating artists and venues, please contact: Anna at


Back To Work

I have been away from the studio for two months whilst we moved into our house and started doing work. However, I now feel ready to get back to it. I'm going to the studio tomorrow so will take some pics of my space and the print room.

The picture on the right is from Spring Fling, it shows some of my new work, I have again been printing onto leather. I just love the feel of it and the contrast of the matt, smooth print with the rough leather. Spring Fling is a Scottish event which I took part in this summer in Dumfries and Galloway. It was a lovely event, with wonderfull settings and fabulous people. It really inspired me.
Press Release : 29 January 2008Spring Fling, Scotland’s premiere art and craft open studio event is all set for its sixth successive year. From 24-26 May 2008 Dumfries & Galloway will see 73 studios and workshops across the region open their doors and offer a warm welcome to visitors wishing to explore and discover the varied individual creative spaces on offer. This is the largest number of studios participating in the event to date and promises regular and new ‘Spring Flingers’ alike the exciting chance to indulge in quality arts and crafts.Taking place across the whole of the region Spring Fling’s success is felt by many and is truly a great annual celebration of the region’s creativity. The Spring Fling visitors experience is enhanced by the setting of the event in a region rich in heritage, culture, wildlife and natural beauty. Indeed, it is this beauty which has provided the inspiration and home to many of the artists and makers participating in Spring Fling. Chair of Education and Community Services Councillor Sandra McDowall commented, ‘Spring Fling is the perfect opportunity for visitors to experience this combination of creative and natural riches. The Council is proud to have supported the event over its six years, seeing the highly regarded event enhance the reputation of Dumfries & Galloway as the natural place to enjoy events.’


Moody Vines

Moody Vines by you.

SOLD - Grey and Silver pigment screen print on a heavy suedette.

I moved down to Bristol in Septemberish of 2006, my first exhibition was at Circomedia, an event organised by Bristol creatives. I was so happy to have sold some work! And a large item to!

http://www.circomedia.com/ http://www.bristolcreatives.co.uk/


Copper Birds

One of My First Prints I sold from a small stall in St Nicks Market in Bristol. Velvet Flocking with a copper foiled layer on a delicate hand dyed cotton. . . . . http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/business/Secrect-St-Nicholas-market-success/article-262972-detail/article.html

Links That Got Me Started

The first business programme I attend was Women Into Enterprise, based on the south side of Glasow,
The Below links are usefull websites for new artists and designers in Bristol - http://www.bristolcreatives.co.uk/ http://www.brave.org.uk/ which then led me to my studio at http://www.inbristol.org/

Events I have been involved with / exhibitions I have held -

2004 - www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/art/paintingsOnRailings.html

The smallest Gallery in Bristol,

2006, 2007 - http://www.room212.co.uk/about.jsp

2006 - http://www.circomedia.com/

2008 - http://www.eastonartstrail.co.uk/

2007, 2008 - Hotwells Art on the Railings www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/summary_0286-23884792_ITM

The Textile Festival 2007, 2008 - http://www.trowbridgemuseum.co.uk/

2008 - www.artandcraftsouthwestscotland.com/springfling/


 My Textiles

Over the course of the last two years since moving to Bristol I have started to exhibit my work more as pieces of individual art rather then Textile Designs. Each piece I create is individual and could not be reproduced. I use foil, flocking, stitching and many ad hoc ideas to finish of my work. I currently have a website - www.hannahredden.co.uk which shows my early work. I will start using this Blog though to showcase my new work as I like the freedom of updating my work as is develops.

To date I have taken part in various local events, Hotwells Paintings on the Railings, Easton Arts Trail, Bristol Creatives event at Circomedia - http://www.circomedia.com/, In Bristol Open Studio events, Trowbridge Textile Festival . . . .

I joined Bristol Creatives not long after moving to Bristol, it has really helped me to connect with the arts scene in Bristol and offers a lot of help for up and coming artists - http://www.bristolcreatives.co.uk/ This is where I found out about my studio space - http://www.inbristol.org/

Extract taken from the Website . . . . .

In Bristol Studio
In Bristol Studios are based in an 1830’s Cotton Mill just off Feeder Road in Barton Hill. We offer fully equipped work space for woodwork, ceramics, print and textiles with a variety of sized units to rent from 60-100 sq-ft. Prices start from £27 per week all inclusive.

We also offer a Pay As You Go service where non-members can use the facilities for a daily or weekly rate. There are opportunities to run workshops and classes from our exhibition space and we will be holding open studios annually with collective shows planned throughout the year.

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