Inspiration in these cold months

We have been working on installing our kitchen over the last few months and have only recently got the sink and cooker installed, we still have to pick a colour scheme and tiles etc. My thoughts hadn't really stretched to any other areas of the house yet.
I have however been looking at Design Sponge and found this lovely article on a 'Before and After' a bedroom make over, albeit it a childs bedroom, but I love it! It got me thinking about our bedrooms and how we can make them more appealing and colourfull. At the moment they are filled with boxes and feel more studenty then my student rooms when I was at Uni!

Design Sponge

The combination between the coral, black and white is gorgeous.

I am so excited about getting to the painting stage! I do think this might not be for quite a while as we still have electrics to alter, plastering to do and much more, but I can always dream and plan ahead!

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