Design Work

 I've been tucked away in my studio for the past couple of months working on my designs.  Here are a few to look over.  I'm working on a collection along the lines of 'Royal Oak' or something royalesque, I'm not quite sure of the exact name but I really like the theme.  I've been working with water colour and pen & ink, I recently got Photo Shop for my laptop so will soon be transferring my designs into screen images and repeat designs ready to be transferred into textile images.  I'm so excited!



We're going to be rather busy over the coming week as we have a plan of action to try to get the house completed by the beginning of July, my sister is coming to stay and we want to impress!  I don't know what to do next with my design work though, I've got so many ideas for my textile products I just don't have enough time to do everything!  

I'll post some more images of the house soon as it's starting to come together now.

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