I attended a networking event yesterday organised by 'Bristol Creatives'. I can't stress enough just how helpful this organisation has been in helping me get established and connected with other local event and artists.
This event was the first of its kind organised by Bristol Creatives, I was a little sceptical about it to start off with. It was a little like speed dating (not that I have ever been to a speed dating event!) We had five minutes to talk with another artist and then a whistle was blown and we had to find someone new to meet and talk to. After you got used to the idea it worked quite well, I met lots of interesting fellow artists and designers, a few who I had never met before actually knew my work!!
We then moved into a different room where lunch was provided, this was a more informal oppotunity to discuss issues with the other visitors.
I found this event really useful and will definetly attend similar events, Its good practice to just talk about your work and explain what you do. It has made things clearer for me about how I want to develop my work and new posibilities for ways of exhibiting my work and promoting it.
The session was held in 'Salisbury Street Studio' which are a joint partnership with my studio 'In Bristol'. To find out more about In Bristol Workshops, Salisbury Street Studios and what they have to offer visit Bristol Creatives.


Cafe Kino

I'm showing a couple of items in Cafe Kino - I wonderful little cafe just off Stokes Croft -

'Cafe kino is a not-for-profit co-operative owned and operated by its' workers and run in part by volunteers. we strive to create a viable business which is open, fair and mutually supportive of all those with whom we are associated. We hope to continue developing the cafe as an inspiring community space and focus for independent cultural and political activity. we host regular meetings and events and are always open to interesting ideas.'
There is an opening evening on Sunday the 9th of November - The more the merrier!

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