Quit Your Day Job - Oooo this sounds very intriguing!

I'm currently listing new items over in my Etsy shop but got side tracked by this article that Etsy have just uploaded by the very talented team of Thief & Bandit....
In July 2012, Amie Cunningham packed up her family and her thriving screenprinted clothing companies, Thief&Bandit andThief&Bandit Kids, and moved from Virginia to Canada. The idea of starting over in a new city was daunting, but for Amie, who was expecting her second child, the perks of Canadian citizenship and the close proximity to her parents beckoned. The move marked another exciting shift for her business: Her husband, Johnston Foster, joined Thief&Bandit as a full-time screenprinter, and the duo built a print shop in a garage next to their new home in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Then, they set to work finding new local supply sources and hiring a new photographer and seamstress.
I  especially like the ethos that this duo have, they hand print all there fabrics (organic jersey) using non toxic water based inks in there own home workshop hiring (and supporting) a local seamstress to make the clothing.  They fully support the 'Handmade' ethos which I greatly admire.

Oooo, right I'm off to have a proper browse of the lovely website of  Thief and Bandit.  Enjoy


New Cushion Designs

I've started to list my new cushion designs on Etsy, I have over forty new designs to be added which will really boost my shop.  I'm rather excited about the new feel to the shop once these have all been added.  

Handmade - 'Yorkshire' Cushion. Duck Feather Insert. One Off, made with vintage fabric, blue velvet backing.


Handmade - 1977 Royal Queen Silver Jubilee Cushion. Duck Feather Insert. One Off, made with vintage fabric, embellished with a cord trim.


Handmade Cushion - Great British After - 100% Duck Feather Insert, featuring a blue pom pom trim.


DETAIL  - Handmade Cushion - Great British After - 100% Duck Feather Insert, featuring a blue pom pom trim.


The Lion and The Unicorn - Vintage Fabric - Hand Made Large Cushion

I hope you like these vintage fabric finds as much as I do.  I feel that vintage fabrics in particular add character and an interesting aspect to any room, you have something that is unique and can't be purchased by everyone else.  These cushions will add panache to any sofa.  


Inspirational Illustrations - Ana Victoria Calderon

I've been carrying on with my 'Sketch a Day' challenge over the last week and am thoroughly enjoying it still.  I've mainly been using watercolour as I need to inject some colour to my work rather than sticking to my trusted black pen.

I've been inspired by the beautiful work of Ana Victoria Calderon.  She's an artist based in Mexico City, having been raised in Cancun.  Her work reflects this, being inspired by her surroundings of nature and vegetation.  She loves to use watercolor, ink and acrylics.  I'm especially enjoying her lettering and spiritual motifs.  

You can find more of her work over on her website:




Sticking to 2015 Resolutions

As previously mentioned in earlier posts, I haven't specifically written a list of 2015 resolutions as I have so many ideas in my head that my list would be endless.  Instead I want to be more creative and make time to do something enjoyable each day.  The facebook group that I've joined 'Sketch a Day', is really helping me to do this.  Simply taking away the need to think of a topic takes such pressure off and has really pushed me to cover topics that I would normally steer well clear of.   

Portraits, Hats, Bugs, A Quote, A View, Shoes; are all subjects covered in the last week, I've thoroughly enjoyed all of them and have even got some fabric designs that I would like to develop from these topics.  Sticking to this I feel will really assist me in feeling productive.  It's not always about creating picture perfect images.  

 Hannah Redden Bugs in Watercolour
Day 7 - Bugs
Hannah Redden Self Portrait in Watercolour
Day 13 - Self Portrait 
(I set this this days task!! Really don't know why I picked such a difficult one?!)
Hannah Redden - Cat in a Hat in Watercolour
Day 14 - Hats (This is our Cat Pebbles)
Hannah Redden Freya's first pair of wellies in Watercolour
Day 8 - Shoes
 Hannah Redden Freya's Breakfast in Watercolour
Day 9 - Breakfast
Hannah Redden Garden View in Watercolour 2
Hannah Redden Garden View in Watercolour 2
Above two images are from Day 10 - Window View - This is the view from our living room.
 Hannah Redden influenced by 'Night Wind' Emily Bronte in Watercolour
Day 12 - Quotes
 Hannah Redden Jellyfish in Watercolour
Day 11 - Fish

I've often spent so much time in the past contemplating before putting pen or paintbrush to paper. However I've come to realise that your first idea is rarely your best, but it doesn't matter.  Capturing any idea is beneficial.  This is the beginning. Draw it!  It only takes a few minutes, and it gets the idea out of your head onto paper.  Now draw some more!  You won’t know whether your first idea is the best until you explore others.  It's surprising how quickly you will develop and improve your ability to quickly sketch, paint and express your ideas.

Sketching is fast, rough, and dirty.  Learn to embrace your pen and paper, and you’ll be thrilled at your speed of ideas and progression.  You’ll wonder why you ever fought it. By giving yourself the freedom to put down on paper your quick ideas, you’ll get to creative places you could never have imagined.

Happy sketching


Southbank Bristol Arts Trails 2015

I attended a committee meeting last week to become part of the Southbank Arts Trail 2015.  I'm rather excited as since little Freya came along I haven't taken part in any arts trails and do miss the excitement.  I can't wait!  (This also means that my studio room will need to be finished in time ;) Another deadline Dan!!!)

This volunteer run organisation enables artists and creatives from Southville, Bedminster and Ashton, (plus visitors from further afield) to exhibit and share their work in homes and public spaces over one spectacular weekend in May each year.  Visitors have the chance to meet artists and makers in a relaxed environment and also enjoy diverse and fun workshops.  ‘One of the oldest, biggest and best Art Trails that have sprung up around town’ - Bristol Post 2014.  Now in its 13th year, this popular week-end has attracted an impressive 4000-5000 visitors in recent years, with one house alone recording 600 visitors on its first day.

The arts trails is looking to attract new artists, performers, musicians this year to help grow and attract more visitors.  If you know anyone that would like to get involved please follow the links on the SBA website to find out how to become a member, register you home, business or workshop. 


2015 Motivation - Sketch a Day

Last year I started the New Year with the intention to do a drawing a day, well this didn't go down that well.  I think at the start of each month I had the omphhhh to re-attempt the resolution but never really stuck it out to the months end.  However, this year I have joined a group on Facebook titled 'Sketch a Day', what a good idea I thought!  Well, it seems to be going well so far, I've joined in everyday and posted my 'Good the Bad and the damn right Ugly!!'
Although not very impressed with my daily attempts that is the whole point of the group, to just go for it, to not rip that page out of the sketch book and have confidence in what you do.  You will learn from your mistakes and it takes this effort and realisation to keep going and continue doodling, sketching, collaging, whatever medium you work in you can interpret into the days brief.  I'm finding it quite liberating just letting go and actually being given the days brief.
I thought I'd share my first few days sketches, now, I am not saying these are perfect!  These are drawings that I have done whilst Freya has been napping or whilst Freya has also been sat next to me doodling, I could have worked on some a lot more to actually achieve something that I liked but that's no the aim of the group or my resolution!
Top to Bottom:
Day One - Tea Cups and Mugs.  Mixture of colouring pencils
Day Two - Fruit - Aqua pencil and colouring pencils
Day Three - Blue - Freya's finger paints!! 
I hope this may inspire some of you to let go and just draw, it really doesn't matter what or what with.  Have fun and enjoy!  I will keep posting my daily sketches, hopefully I'll see some improvement or even a style immerging as I really don't know what my drawing style is!  Perhaps I had better dig out my nice art materials!



This New Year arrives with promise; a milestone for goal setting.  A clean, fresh start for all...

2014 was a pretty good year for me.  We moved into our new family home (which I realise I haven’t posted any images of before or after!  These will follow shortly!  Although we are still working towards the finished article the house is looking pretty cool, all down to the hard work of my amazing partner Dan),  Freya turned one!  We had our first family holiday in an Eco Cabin in South Wales which was fabulous, so relaxing.  I have been spending the last week celebrating the New Year, Birthdays and generally enjoying spending time with my little family. 

You might have noticed a change to my blog design, I am still tweaking but this is the start of the new and improved *HANNAH REDDEN.* I wanted something different and a little more simple but still in keeping with my theme, when I started this was not what I thought I wanted but I LOVE it.  New Colour, New Headers for a New Year!  I've been getting organised over this festive period too.  I've got big plans for this year.......  I found this passage from a very influential blog for me.. The Textile Blog
Life is of course full of endless possibilities and of course because of that it is also full of endless choices. How you move through life depends upon those choices. Unfortunately, so many choices are made for us, or we are made to feel as if we have no choice, no decision in whether we go this way or that in our life path. However, life paths are extraordinary things, it is amazing how many times they seem to veer off track and then slowly come back to centre again. 
I've got so many ideas in my head and get distracted so easily, I really feel that the above passage is correct, the last two years have really been driven by becoming a mother (what a big change!), house renovating, becoming a landlord!  I now feel however, that upon reflection, these changes have also given me the excellent opportunity to concentrate on what I want out of life, I'm in a place to drive forward my new business plans.  What an exciting year to come!!!!

I've also joined a new group on Facebook titled 'Sketch a Day' I'm using this as my driving force to actually do a drawing a day!  Check the group out and follow our daily doodles......

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