This New Year arrives with promise; a milestone for goal setting.  A clean, fresh start for all...

2014 was a pretty good year for me.  We moved into our new family home (which I realise I haven’t posted any images of before or after!  These will follow shortly!  Although we are still working towards the finished article the house is looking pretty cool, all down to the hard work of my amazing partner Dan),  Freya turned one!  We had our first family holiday in an Eco Cabin in South Wales which was fabulous, so relaxing.  I have been spending the last week celebrating the New Year, Birthdays and generally enjoying spending time with my little family. 

You might have noticed a change to my blog design, I am still tweaking but this is the start of the new and improved *HANNAH REDDEN.* I wanted something different and a little more simple but still in keeping with my theme, when I started this was not what I thought I wanted but I LOVE it.  New Colour, New Headers for a New Year!  I've been getting organised over this festive period too.  I've got big plans for this year.......  I found this passage from a very influential blog for me.. The Textile Blog
Life is of course full of endless possibilities and of course because of that it is also full of endless choices. How you move through life depends upon those choices. Unfortunately, so many choices are made for us, or we are made to feel as if we have no choice, no decision in whether we go this way or that in our life path. However, life paths are extraordinary things, it is amazing how many times they seem to veer off track and then slowly come back to centre again. 
I've got so many ideas in my head and get distracted so easily, I really feel that the above passage is correct, the last two years have really been driven by becoming a mother (what a big change!), house renovating, becoming a landlord!  I now feel however, that upon reflection, these changes have also given me the excellent opportunity to concentrate on what I want out of life, I'm in a place to drive forward my new business plans.  What an exciting year to come!!!!

I've also joined a new group on Facebook titled 'Sketch a Day' I'm using this as my driving force to actually do a drawing a day!  Check the group out and follow our daily doodles......

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