2015 Motivation - Sketch a Day

Last year I started the New Year with the intention to do a drawing a day, well this didn't go down that well.  I think at the start of each month I had the omphhhh to re-attempt the resolution but never really stuck it out to the months end.  However, this year I have joined a group on Facebook titled 'Sketch a Day', what a good idea I thought!  Well, it seems to be going well so far, I've joined in everyday and posted my 'Good the Bad and the damn right Ugly!!'
Although not very impressed with my daily attempts that is the whole point of the group, to just go for it, to not rip that page out of the sketch book and have confidence in what you do.  You will learn from your mistakes and it takes this effort and realisation to keep going and continue doodling, sketching, collaging, whatever medium you work in you can interpret into the days brief.  I'm finding it quite liberating just letting go and actually being given the days brief.
I thought I'd share my first few days sketches, now, I am not saying these are perfect!  These are drawings that I have done whilst Freya has been napping or whilst Freya has also been sat next to me doodling, I could have worked on some a lot more to actually achieve something that I liked but that's no the aim of the group or my resolution!
Top to Bottom:
Day One - Tea Cups and Mugs.  Mixture of colouring pencils
Day Two - Fruit - Aqua pencil and colouring pencils
Day Three - Blue - Freya's finger paints!! 
I hope this may inspire some of you to let go and just draw, it really doesn't matter what or what with.  Have fun and enjoy!  I will keep posting my daily sketches, hopefully I'll see some improvement or even a style immerging as I really don't know what my drawing style is!  Perhaps I had better dig out my nice art materials!

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