My designs on Vinyl Flooring!!

I am researching methods how I can get my textiles produced and found this awesome website.  Printed Space offer a service to print any image on to padded vinyl.  Imagine walking on my designs!

This example is very fishy inspired.  Printed Space offer a 10 year guarantee with any design/image of your choice.

I think I may keep this company in mind for future aims.  You could also use the vinyl as wallpaper, easy clean and hard wearing!


Alternative hanging 'Nestrest' garden chair

NESTREST an oversized bird’s nest designed by Fred Frety and Daniel Pouzet for Dedon is perfect for meditation, relaxation, and open-air conversations in your backyard.

We cleared out garden of all out building rubble last weekend so I'm now planning our summer project.  Our garden isn't nearly as big as this space but I do like the idea of having a little hide away space to go and read my book.   Perhaps I can use my weaving skills but on a larger scale!  


Inspirational recycled pouffes

I'm doing some market research at the moment to try and identify where I want to sit in the market.  I stumbled across these lovely colourfull pouffes that have such a childlike fun aspect.  I really appreciate that they are made from recycled fabric.
Dusk consists of two pouffes made of recycled textiles from the furniture industry. Around the middle of the pouffes is a belt made of material. The height of the pouffe can be adjusted by the width of the belt. Pictured is one pouffe at a seating height suitable for children and another at a height for adults. The pouffes are inspired by childish memories of making tassels – to a different scale, but just as colurful. They have their own personality and brighten up the greyness of everyday life. via  
Visit the interiorzine website for more info on these inventive stools.
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New Studio Space

I moved into my new studio space today. It's at Hamilton House on Stokes Croft in Bristol. It's ran by an organisation called Coexist who re-invent unused spaces.  It makes the most out of the spaces for the local community.  Taken from 'Bristol Listings' . . Coexist Spaces and History Hamilton House is made up of three blocks.
The block facing Stokes Croft is the creative hands of the Coexist project. This block has a range of spaces available to the community – info/expo space providing various advisories, exhibitions and retail space for workshop and tenant creations, movement and dance studios, community meeting spaces, music recording facilities, cinema room, audiovisual conferencing, holistic healing area and of course Stokes Croft’s newest music and arts venue.
In the middle block at the top of the building is the Coexist hot-desking space. This is a hive of enterprise, education, art and social change initiatives. The remaining floors of the middle block are home to studios and workshops.
On the upper floors of the block at the back of the building you will find desk-based organisations including Bristol Wireless and Bristol Foundation Housing, 2QAB and The Adventurists. On the ground floor of this block opening onto City Road is the home of Jakes Bikes and The Bristol Bike Project. 

This is a message on the exterior of the building . . .

From the owner -
Promoting coexistence between each other, ourselves and our environments. Living locally and thinking globally. Lets create the changes we wish to see in the world

I can't wait to have my own space set up where I can leave out all my creative materials and just concentrate on designing and doing.  I think being surrounded my such people will also be a big motivational drive for me.  I'm in space 3C which is a corner space with lots of windows and very good light.  I'm sharing with two other textile people, a costume designer and a knitter.  

One end of my space

I think it may help having the canteen downstairs for that needed drink after a hard days designing!

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