Inspirational recycled pouffes

I'm doing some market research at the moment to try and identify where I want to sit in the market.  I stumbled across these lovely colourfull pouffes that have such a childlike fun aspect.  I really appreciate that they are made from recycled fabric.
Dusk consists of two pouffes made of recycled textiles from the furniture industry. Around the middle of the pouffes is a belt made of material. The height of the pouffe can be adjusted by the width of the belt. Pictured is one pouffe at a seating height suitable for children and another at a height for adults. The pouffes are inspired by childish memories of making tassels – to a different scale, but just as colurful. They have their own personality and brighten up the greyness of everyday life. via  
Visit the interiorzine website for more info on these inventive stools.
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