Colour for the kitchen. Any Ideas?

Above Image -

Kerastar white ceramic floor tile, Salsa red wall tile, and the colour swatches are from the Dulux O8 Colour guide. Overtly Olive, Apple White and Egyptian Cotton

I really like the Dulux feature wall combination of the 'Overtly Olive' and 'Soft Apple' but the soft apple looks almost like a mint green when placed next to our red tiles. We have also tried an 'Earth Green' but that placed next to the 'Overtly Olive' looks to similar . . . Ohhh what to do? . . .

Green Earth, Apple White and Egyptian Cotton
The below image is from - Green Rooms

I realy like the colour cobinations from this blog, she is a photographer who has gained recognition in several editorial publications, fashion campaigns, album covers and art exhibitions.

She finds beauty in everything, from still life, Interiors to fashion shoots.

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