Just get on with it!

I found this comment on one of my favourite blogs - Design Sponge

I don’t think it’s uncharacteristic of creative minds to have a tendency to veer off into the land of ADD. If you’ve ever thought about starting a business - big or small, why not now? Don’t wait another day, don’t over think it, and don’t spend any more countless hours doing “research” or getting lost in the land of cyberspace surfing the blogosphere, checking your competition or analyzing it.

It really is true I have spent so long planning and preparing to make the next move with my work and designs, I now need to just take the next step and stop coming up with reasons not to . . . .


Folk House Exhibition May 1st - June 5th

My next exhibition will be in the Bristol Folk House , it's running from the 1st of May until the 5th of June and is situated in the cafe.

About the Charity
The Folk House is unique. We are the oldest adult education centre in Bristol. We started life in 1870 in the dockland area offering education to the dockers most of whom could not read or write. By 1922 it was renamed the Bristol Folk House. We have been at the Park Street site since 1964. Since 1996 it has been run as a co-operative and receives no outside funding. Today it is a successful adult education and social centre.

I will be arranging an opening afternoon on the Saturday the 2nd of May, more details will be posted soon . . .

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