Sticking to Resolutions - January Success

Well I did it!  I completed my resolution to do more drawing and general creativity!  I stuck to my 'Sketch a day' challenge and completed January!!  I am rather pleased with myself.
Day 22 - Book - 40 Minute Watercolour.

I'm not particularly pleased with this image, I feel it's too contrived and not as effective as my quicker more relaxed images.
Day 25 - Your Star Sign - Capricorn - 30 Minute Watercolour.

Again this wasn't what I'd pictured in my head but I quite like the outcome.  It's rather dark and mysterious.  My partner described it as a pixie goat, which I rather liked.

Day 24 - Something Sweet - 30 Minute Watercolour.

I rather like this one, the messy, carefree effect and of course the scrummy biscuits.  We don't normally have biscuits in the house so this was a treat to go and buy so many packs! :)

Day 26 - Weather - Our Changing Climate.  40 Minute Watercolour.

 The day before this topic was set I had literally been through all these types of weather.  I'd set off on a little outing with little Freya and wrapped up in so may layers then had to unwrap ourselves as the sun was out and shining.  On our return journey I encountered the most amazing hail and snow, I could see it ahead of us swirling down the road.  It was a shame Freya was asleep as I'm sure she would have loved it!

Day 27 - Snowdrops - 30 Minute Watercolour.

This topic was set as the following day was the commencement of the 'Scottish Snowdrop Festival – 31 January to 15 March 2015.  I rather liked doing this painting as I really like the form of snow drops.  I think I will revisit this as I can envisage a lovely repeat for a textile design.

Day 15 - Time - 40 Minute Watercolour.

I have to admit, this was inspired by various images I found online searching for Flying Time, I particularly wanted to include feathers and flying etc into this topic.  Especially appropriate for me, where has January gone to?

Day 16 - Birds - 40 Minute Watercolour - Humming Bird.

I spent longer on this than I had intended.  That seems top be a problem when I'm painting, I let the time fly and get sucked in to adding more detail. 

I'd like to really thank all the participants of the 'Sketch a Day' challenge as receiving the feedback and viewing others daily sketches is so encouraging.  I attempted a similar challenge last year to draw more, however I didn't have the daily support of such a group.  Thank you sketchers :)

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