Eden Inspiration

I've been accepted onto the Eden Project Big Lunch Extras to attend one of their inspirational camps at the Eden Project.  Big Lunch Extras is for individuals in the UK wishing to start a community initiative or take existing projects to the next level. 

Myself and a friend have had an idea for a while…. Fuelled by housing crisis information….

‘’For decades, successive governments have failed to build the homes we need. By 2008, the number of new homes being started had fallen to its lowest peacetime level since 1924 – and house building has barely recovered since then.  This means that every year more and more people are being priced out of home ownership. It means rising rents and more people competing for every single home.’’ 

We want to help people to enjoy their homes, to make the most of them, to appreciate, but overall to love them …… We’d like to assist locals in our community that need advice and help to make the most of their homes.  I have training within the interior field and feel I have skills that I would like to share.   

We haven't any funding but have considered approaching the council, as we are sure that they are aware of the need for more usable living conditions (waiting list for homes as an indicator).  I am a member of so many Facebook's groups that advertise free furniture, storage solutions and garden items that I do feel there is a gap here that can be filled with local volunteers.  A community initiative to collect these unwanted items and deliver them to those that need them, to help decorate, to assist with small home repairs... I could list so many ideas.

I was hoping really to be further inspired and to pull together an action plan as to how I can go about setting up such an initiative and am rather excited to be part of the Edens Projects fantastic courses.  I'll keep you updated on the progress of this.

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