World Textile Day - 1st November 2014

The Spirit of the Cloth  1 Nov 2014 - Saltford, Bristol.  10 am - 5 pm. 

Can you believe it's almost November already?  It's also World Textile Day ...
''Every year we like to have a new, interesting and stimulating theme for World Textile Day. This helps to give the day a focus, both for us and for our enthusiastic visitors.  In 2014 our theme is The Spirit of the Cloth and our free exhibition of world textiles will take you on a journey of discovery.''

FREE admission to the exhibition of stitched, embroidered and woven textiles and artefacts from around the world.

Morning and afternoon lectures:

•11 am. Sacred and Spiritual Textiles of South West China with Chinese textiles expert and collector Martin Conlan.

•2 pm. Textiles of the Islamic World with world textiles expert, collector and author John Gillow.

•£2 per lecture, tickets at the door.
With these specialist world textile traders:

•Textile Traders
•The African Fabric Shop
•John Gillow
•Slow Loris Textiles - Martin Conlan
•Tukuru Textiles from South America
•Khayamiya Egyptian Appliqués
•Susan Briscoe Designs

Saltford Hall, Wedmore Rd, Saltford, Bristol, BS31 3BY

I unfortunately can't make this event but will definitely be searching the web for feedback and inspiration.  If you manage to make the event I'd love to hear your views...

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