My Next Christmas Event - Christmas At The Orangery

Christmas At The Orangery  2014

I've recently signed up to exhibit in my first market in quiet some time (I wonder why that might be!!).  The event sounds quite exciting .. Christmas At The Orangery.

I'm looking forward to participate and meet some of the other exhibitors, especially this very talented lady .. Fiona Willis.  Her work really is an inspiration. 

''My prints start their life as wholly original works in pen, ink and watercolour. They are then scanned to produce a digital image from which the giclée prints are produced. However, the digital image is not manipulated in any way and is entirely representative of the original artwork. I've found this process to be the most effective way to reproduce the fine detail that characterises my work.''

I really like that Fiona works in an initially very traditional way.  Drawing by hand and not manipulating her work.  I think that we loose the essence of the image when we draw directly with a graphics tablet etc.  I also prefer to draw by hand, being honest with the medium you are using.
I think I may need to have a gander at her pitch at the event.

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