Studio Unpacking = Vintage Fabric Finds

So, I'm in the process of unpacking my studio in our new home (This may take some time!), I happened to stumble upon some of my vintage fabric finds that I'd forgotten all about.  I was soon distracted from unpacking and lost myself in fabric and possible cushion creations..
Soon to be cushion covers! .... https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HannahRedden
I just love the large bold floral print of this fabric.  Unfortunately (I don't think you can see this from the image) there is a faded line right across the middle of the print, I guess where the fabric has been folded for so long, or possible sun damage?  However, the colours are luscious, very suitable for this Autumnal time of year to warm up any interior.  I have a vision in mind for two new cushions, I've got the perfect trim in mind. 
Soon to be cushion covers! .... https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HannahRedden
This vintage, hand sewn cross-stitch is so unique, I can picture this paired with a lovely bold backing fabric.  This will have to be made into a cushion cover.  Maybe for our guest room as it would fit the vintage theme perfectly.
Soon to be cushion covers! .... https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HannahRedden
This table runner is stained in the middle, but at either end has this hand embroidered design.  I really like the bold coral and yellow.  I will need to get my thinking cap on for this as I am unsure how to transform this into something yet.  More to follow on this one ...
 New Cushion Covers - https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/HannahRedden
Here are my two latest additions to my handmade vintage cushion covers.  I found a pair of 1977 Silver Jubilee Tea Towels and thought they would make a delightful one-off pair of cushions.  I've yet to add these to Etsy (I need to create a new photo booth in my studio), but will announce soon when these are in online.
Right, I'm off to attempt to do some more unpacking.  Have a good productive week. xx

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