Cushion Making Step by Step

Well, I now have a few Christmas events to prepare for so thought I'd better get sewing again.  I thought I'd share my recent sewing project with you ...



1. Wash the fabric beforehand in the way you normally wash the type of fabric you've selected. Otherwise, unwashed sewn fabric can shrink in a hot wash or dryer later and cause seam rippage.
2. Always Iron the fabric before sewing. It's important to do this before you cut: a piece of wrinkled fabric will be a slightly different size and shape once ...pressed.


1. Cut a square of paper the same size as your cushion pad. Now cut two more pieces of paper: the first should be the same width and at least half the height, the second should be the same width and at least three quarters of the height. (Don't add an extra 1cm all the way around for a seam allowance, as most patterns do, because when the cover is slightly smaller than the pad, the cushion appears plumper.)

2. Take a good look at the fabric's pattern and choose a section you like for the front of the cushion. Lay the first piece of cut paper on top. Pin it to the fabric in all the corners, and once on each edge. Then cut around it.

3. Pin the other pieces of paper to your fabric and cut around them. Hem one long edge on each piece. Lay the fabric right side down, fold one long edge over 5mm. Iron to secure the fold, fold over 5mm again. Press again and backstitch 2mm from the edge.

4. Now lay the front piece on a flat surface, with the right side facing up. Stack the smallest of the back pieces on top, right side facing down: line up the un-hemmed long edge with the top edge of the first piece.

5. Add the third piece, right side down: line up the un-hemmed long edge with the first piece's bottom edge. Pin at the corners and once on each edge.

6. Use a backstitch all the way around the cushion cover, 10mm from the edge. (To help keep your line of stitching straight, use a pencil or a piece of tailor's chalk to add a guideline first.)

7. Once done, turn it inside out using the slit at the back. If everything looks neat and tidy, turn the cover back inside out again. Snip each corner off, 2mm from the stitches.

8. Finally, turn your cushion cover back the right way round, and use a pencil or chopstick to carefully push out each corner into neat 90-degree angles. Stuff the cushion pad in, and it's ready.
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