Preperation for the local St Werburghs Arts Trail

Phew we've been busy.  Since my last blog we had family to stay in August, we then commenced work on the hallway and the living room.  Hopefully I'll finish the painting of the hallway this weekend, Dan's still got quite a bit to do in the living room before we can start painting in there, it may be bare plaster walls for the trail!  Dan ripped the fire place out so needs to make a new surround to fit, which I have a feeling may take a while.  I'm sure it will be worth it though.

I've started to research companies where I can get my images printed onto cards, I found that Bristol Business Centre do a good deal.  I'm quite excited!! It seems very professional, I'm looking forward to getting a few samples next week.

Card Samples.

The inspiration for these images came from wooden printing blocks.  I've created a series of these.  I quite like the depth and the roughness to them.

I really like these images, anything paisley related takes me back to my student days at Glasgow School of Art.

My plan for the next week is to finalise the card images to get printed then start framing some of my work for the show.  I'm going to show some drawings that I haven't exhibited before, I'm quite excited about these as I've got some unusual ideas on how to display them!

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